Tuesday, June 7, 2011

1st & 2nd day of kuliah ~

hyep :)
new life.new environment
nilai 3,negeri sembilan.
di situ la kaki ku bpijak sekarang.
semalam was be my 1st day as student tamhidi in course sc and technology.
feeling : xcited+nervous
i dont know how to describe it.
but,here totally different with 2ndary school.
the most important thing that we need now.
alhamdullilah,stkt nie aku still dpt follow.
this week only for kuliah and sesi bkenalan.
next week bru bmula kuliah+tutorial.
sure bz..
but yg happynya,kls malam xde.
kls yg paling lewat pun pkl 5.30
i got KTS I,TTS II
td kuliah cikgu arho.
subjek fizik.
best sangad2!
kelakar gila :)
ta sabar nak masuk kelas fizik..
english subjek was took by madam afieda.
she's open minded,strict for sometimes.
for this week,esok and lusa..
my class only from 10.30 am until 12.30 pm.
the rest,lepak sana sini,round USIM,tggu bus and balik KKNC.
i also got new friends here :)
ziela,hana,hikmah for my KTS.
and others from tamhidi lain ::

with ziela ::

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